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 Hundreds of “kids” have been touched by our funding.  In every case, we have enabled the “kids”to feel better about themselves and to fit in…which we all remember and know is so important as you go through school.  Even so, we are a young and small organization and WE NEED YOU!!!!

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*** Please go to our news page.  You will see a photo of our presentation to the Backpacks for Kids program.  The funds you help us raise, helping the 'kids' of Currituck County. *** 

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The Currituck Kids Fund is a 501(c)3 charitable component fund of the Currituck-Dare affiliate of the North Carolina Community Foundation. The Currituck Kids Fund was founded in 2008 as an unincorporated community based organization to address the unfunded needs of school aged children in Currituck County.The mission of The Currituck Kids Fund is to provide Currituck County’s school-aged students with the necessities to enhance the total school experience and ensure they reach their full potential with dignity and respect.

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Click on the "Sun"image above to see the sunny smiling faces of some of our Currituck Kids Winners
Our Board has experienced the distinct pleasure of receiving many sweet, heartfelt, thankful letters from the appreciative kids our organization has helped over the years, and has heard many heartwarming success stories from kids and adults alike. The picture below is of Currituck Girl Scouts who chose Currituck Kids as their Heroes of the Year as part of their cookie drive.

We are now in our sixth year of helping the "kids" of Currituck County to achieve or maintain success in the school and social endeavors.  By providing grants to the school system, social service and organizations such as the YMCA and 4-H we use liaisons to make sure that the needs of "kids" in Currituck County are helped.  During the 2012-2013 school year and following summer some of our grants have sponsored:

  • 10 “kids” to YMCA, and 4-H camps, enabling them to have summer fun and learning, and their families assurance of their safety while they are away at work.
  •  The “No Kid Leaves Without a Book” grant for 2013, enabled over 380 “kids” to get a book, from the book fairs, of their very own who would not have be able to get one otherwise.  This also benefits school libraries so everyone is helped.
  •  A high school senior will now have a boost for the future by having earned a $500 scholarship.
  • After school care was provided for 15 weeks for 4 children, allowing their parents to keep jobs to provide for them.
  • 4 children were sponsored on field trips to enhance their life experiences.
  • A number of students were helped with medication needs to enable them to better focus on the learning environment.
  • Weekend food needs have been provided for students living in homeless circumstances, and by providing funds to the Backpacks for Kids program.
  • Clothing needs for a number of "kids" were met at the time the need was identified or as birthday gifts, enabling them to look just as cute and their classmates beside them.
  • Thanks to our partnership with PJ's Elite Thrift Shop, our "kids" are dressed better than ever.  With vouchers from Currituck Kids, parents can take their children shopping at PJ's.   Help support PJ's and Currituck Kids by donating gently used items.  Donations of all kinds are accepted by PJ's location in Moyock.
  • Individual assistance is provided on an as needed basis, identified by school or agency liaisons, to make sure that individual “kids” are able to succeed in school.  This might include prescriptions, glasses, clothing, coats, food, sports physical examinations, and/or field trip fees, etc.  When a need is identified that will help one of "our kids" to succeed, we aim to help that success to happen.
Hundreds of 'kids' have been touched by our funding.  In every case, we have enabled the 'kids' to feel better about themselves and to fit in... which we all remember and know is so important as you go through school.

Make a difference today and participate by making a contribution and/or becoming a member or volunteer. We greatly welcome your participation and we want to hear from you!